"Smug Bride" Featured in CITY ARTS Magazine - attractive singles: february 2015


April 30: Abakis, Ings, Susie Philipsen Accoustic Show
                 @ Room to Move, Port Townsend, WA

January 26: The Kickback, Quiet Company, YVES @ The Funhouse

December 20: King Radio, YVES @ Alberta Street Pub, Portland, OR

December 19: King Radio, YVES @ Sam Bonds Garage, Eugene, OR

December 18: Tekla Waterfield and the Sweet Nothings CD Release,

                  YVES + King Radio @ Columbia City Theater

November 20: Hugo House Lit Series

November 19: Kate Davis, YVES @ Barboza TIX

November 8: LOL for SCLC @ The Triple Door

PAST SHOWS of 2015

October 23: Jubilee Farms Harvest Fest

October 3: Tahoma Farms Harvest Fest

September 16: Capitol Cider

August 15: Susie Philipsen solo house show with Tomo Nakayama and Drew Victor

July 16: Emma Lee Toyoda, Evening Bell, YVES, Tomo Nakayama + Alela Diane  @ Timber Music Fest!

July 2: Sweet Jesus, Hand in the Attic + YVES @ Connor Byrne

June 23: Jolie Holland, Erik Walters (Silver Torches)+ YVES @ Fremont Abbey

June 18: YVES @ Columbia City Theater
June 9:
The Round @ Fremont Abbey

May 23: Powers, Prom Queen, Euro Dance Party U$A, + YVES // Folklife Festival @ Vera Project

May 1: Home Sweet Home, The Spencer Glen Band + YVES @ Columbia City Theater

March 14: YVES @ Admiral Bird Cafe early show

January 16: YVES CD release party, Jacob Miller and The Bridge City Crooners + The Annie Ford Band @ Columbia City Theater



“This is a beautiful record...classy and timeless, but it's so much deeper than that. Like old soul's of great jazz or country singers in the here and now. ”

   — Jonas Haskins, Low Hums, Sera Cahoone


“Best slow dance music ever...like a warm fuzzy blanket that slowly takes you out of your comfort zone and back in again before you notice.” ­
 — Olie Eshleman, Corespondents, Annie Ford Band


"Yves' style is classic and timeless, but with new phrasing and tempo all their own. It's a fresh smoky sound that fills the senses with kaleidoscopic reverie. It sounds as if Yves has been affecting and stirring emotions for decades with their jazzy throw-back style. With their comforting, non-conforming approach, we almost can't believe this album is their first."

   --Mindie Lind on the Kithfolk Blog


Yves is Susie Philipsen, Tyler Potts, Grant Robinson, Joe Slaby and Olie Eshleman. Special appearances by Jamie Henwood, Julia Khorsand, Alex Doolittle & Matt Brown. All songs written by Susie Philipsen. Recorded & Mixed by Matt Brown at Crackle & Pop in Seattle, WA. Mastered by Doug Krebs. Album art by Ryan Thomas Peters. Words / Music © Susie Philipsen 2015

flinty heart

video for the single off the album "The Sound of Yves" – out Jan 16th 2015